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Menu Plan {August 28-September 3rd)

I am keeping things very simple this week when it comes to the menu plan.

I  spent quite a bit of time Saturday cooking a few things ahead to make things a little easier this week. Planning ahead always seems to help things go more smoothly.

Here is the plan.


grits and eggs

pancakes (I froze a bunch of pancakes yesterday to eat during this week)

yogurt and toast

boiled eggs and muffins ( I have muffins in the freezer and I boiled eggs yesterday to eat this week.)


cheese fries and smoothies


cheese and crackers fruit



breakfast for dinner


one pot spaghetti (pictured at the top)


skillet tacos


hamburgers, fries, and salad

For more menu planning ideas see Menu Planning Mondays.


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  1. I so love having breakfast for dinner! It’s a must in our house. How do you reheat your frozen pancakes? I’ve tried in the microwave between damp paper towels, in the toaster, and I can’t seem to get them right. Any ideas?

    • @Carrie @ My Favorite Finds, My kids like them reheated in the toaster, but if I am doing a lot I do them in the oven. I hope to do a post on this soon because I got quite a few questions on Facebook over the weekend when I mentioned I was making a big batch to freeze.

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