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Quinoa Tabouli And A Few Facts

Quinoa (pronounces keen-wa), is an ancient plant that is native to South American and is often used in South American cooking. It is one of the healthiest “grains” that you can eat. And although many refer to quinoa as a grain, it actually not a grain at all, but a seed.

Quinoa is common in gluten free cooking because it is naturally gluten free, but quinoa is also enjoyed by many outside the gluten free world because of its health benefits.

Today in my allergy section I shared my recipe for quinoa tabouli. If you love quinoa you should check it out. It is very good.

And if you have not tried my Mexican Quinoa you should give it a try. My family loves it.

How many of you have tried Quinoa? Did you like it?

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  1. I love quinoa! I made it with stuffed peppers in place of rice. Will check your recipes out ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I really enjoy eating quinoa. I like it better than rice in almost any meal.

  3. I love quinoa & would rather eat (and prepare) it than rice. I’ll be trying both the tabouli & the mexican quinoa soon!!

  4. Quinoa is an awesome, versatile grain. I have eaten it for breakfast, amazing what you can do with it!!!!

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