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Roasted Vegetable Frittata

Nothing says summer quite like the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available. They are bountiful this time of year and I love finding new ways to use them in the kitchen

I have mentioned before how much I love Everyday Food magazine. It is one of my favorite food magazines and earlier this summer Martha Stewart Everyday Food came out with a special summer edition of their magazine. It was all about summer food and entertaining.

When I was out shopping last month I saw this special edition issue. I picked it up and started looking through it. The pictures were beautiful and the food sounded wonderful.

The whole issues captured summertime food so well that I knew I had to have it. Well, okay I did not have to have it, but I knew I would use many of the recipes in the magazine and I decided to buy it.

So far I have loved this issue. And although summer is almost over there are still several recipes that I want to try and that will work all year long.

The first recipe I tried from the magazine was for a roasted vegetable frittata. It was perfect for summertime, but really this frittata can be made any time of year using vegetables that are in season or at your local store.

This would be good with all kinds of vegetables and even with something like mushrooms. You can really do a lot with this basic idea and adapt it to your family’s tastes.

I played with the recipe a little and tweaked it just a bit for our tastes, but used the same basic idea. What I ended up with was a quick, easy, and healthy dinner that my whole family enjoyed.



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  1. In the recipe you have both 2 T. oil and 1 t. oil listed…is the 1 t. supposed to be salt? Or did I miss something when I read the recipe? Making your 40 minute whole wheat rolls today for sandwiches this week! I have loved everything I’ve tried from your website. 🙂

  2. I like the look of this! It would be a great way to enjoy our garden harvest 🙂

  3. we have frittatas all the time…except with 4 eggs. perfect for the two of us 🙂

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