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Menu Plan and Recipe Index

Every week when I plan my menu, I look through the various recipes on my site using my recipe index. If you are looking for some new recipes and  ideas to try, I highly recommend looking through the recipes on my site using the recipe index. It is a great way to find all the recipes I have archived.

Anytime you need recipe ideas you can find the recipe index tab in my navigation bar right under my header. It is easy to find and easy to navigate. I know I use it often and I hope you enjoy it also.

Now on to the menu plan for the week.


smoothies (using homemade smoothie mix made with some of the bananas I bought last week) and muffins

grits and eggs

yogurt and toast



barbecue pork roast, mashed potatoes, and vegetables


rice crusted quiche ( A reader reminded me of this recipe recently. We have not had it in a while, so I decided that it needed to go on the plan.)

three cheese beef enchiladas (using my fold over method) and salad

hamburgers and oven fries

taco pasta and vegetables


For more menu planning ideas see Menu Planning Mondays.


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  1. Oh every time I visit here and see your menus I get so hungry. Everything looks so good. It’s been hard for me to menu plan. Working full time and other stuff going on, a hubby who is unemployed and not a lot of money. But I always spend way more money when I don’t plan. I am definately going to browse your recipes.

    • I’m in the same boat, Barbie. One income, working full time, etc. It’s hard, for sure. But you’re right, if you don’t plan ahead, you spend more money. And food gets wasted.

      This is a great resource, Lynn. Thanks!

  2. Your taco pasta looks delicious! And, I’m wondering if my husband would like the rice crusted quiche! I might have to try both!

  3. Melissa Miller says:

    Going to try your Taco Pasta. It will be a quick and easy meal as we have lots going on. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  4. Rice crusted quiche? That sounds great. I’ve done potato, but never rice. That might be next week’s breakfast for dinner.

  5. Great menu plan! I’ve added several recipes for my week. Thanks!

  6. From Cristin To Mommy says:

    what a wonderful looking menu
    id love to try the oven fries
    Here is a link to my Birthday Week Menu Plan
    Please stop by and check it out and read about my $20 gift card to a restaurant giveaway!
    Have a great week:)

  7. Hi! I was going to try your oven fries, but the link takes me to a page that has an error on it.
    Help? 🙂


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