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Ziplist Recipe Box Feature

Have you noticed a new feature here on Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures?

After every recipe on my main site, and in my allergy section, you will see a little blue button that says Save Recipe. If you click on the button it will save the recipe in your own personal recipe box.

I have teamed up with Ziplist to add this great feature to Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. This new feature makes saving and remembering your favorite recipes, or the recipes you want to try, so easy.

Just click on the blue save recipes button and either register or login when prompted.

Then click on the green add to recipe box button. This will add the recipe to your recipe box.

This puts all your favorite recipes into one place.

Ziplist also has a shopping list feature and a mobile app that is available.

And not only can you save recipes from my site to your recipe box, you can save recipes from sites like $5 Dinners, Southern Plate, Martha Stewart, Woman’s Day, and more.

What I love about Ziplist is that you can add recipes from all different sites to your recipe box. Anywhere that you see the blue Ziplist save recipe button, you can add that recipe to your recipe box.

If you want to access your online recipe box or shopping list from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures, just mouse over Features in my navigation bar and you’ll see Recipe Box and Shopping List in the drop-down menu.

You can also access your recipe box and shopping list from any partner website, as well as from ZipList.com and using free mobile apps from ZipList, so you have what you need to plan meals and grocery shop.

I hope you enjoy this new feature and I would love to hear your thoughts on it as you start using.

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  1. I love ZipList! It’s so nice having recipes in one place, and I hope more bloggers/websites start using it. I have my grocery list set up in the order I do my shopping in Wal-Mart and I get through the store very quickly.

  2. I love Ziplist, I’m still getting the hang of it, but what a great time saver! Thank you for adding this feature!

  3. I love the ZipList feature, but what I’d REALLY love is if you made this work with plantoeat.com! 🙂

  4. I added ZipList to my blog and I love how pretty it makes everything. So simple for me and the readers. Love it! I just need to figure out how to personalize it like you have.

  5. Coolest…feature…ever!!! I can’t wait to get started adding things to my list of recipes! Thanks so much for adding this =D.

  6. On my to do list the other day was, “find online storage for recipies.” I opened up your email for the day and saw a nifty little save recipe button. In my curiosity I clliked on it… And fell in love. It’s like it was meant to be!! I love that I can add my own recipies and with the click of a button have a shoppping list ready. This is the BEST tool I’ve found in a while. Thank you for opening me to this site.

  7. I’ve used ZipList to help me menu plan for awhile and I had zipped lots of your recipes using the Recipe Clipper on my bookmark bar but this is sooo much easier! I love it!


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