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Menu Plan {October 23rd-29th}

Last week I mentioned that breakfast has been a bit boring in our house. My kids were really getting tired of our normal breakfast meals, so I decided to fix that by cooking up one pound of breakfast sausage and eighteen eggs and mixing them together in a large bowl. I left it in the fridge and we used it for breakfast for several days. And this was exactly what we needed to change breakfast up a little.

My husband heated up his eggs with a little cheese and ate it on a tortilla for a breakfast burrito. My kids heated them up and ate them with toast or fruit.

This worked perfectly and everyone really enjoyed it. I need to do this more often because it really did make a great quick and easy make ahead breakfast.

In fact, we enjoyed it so much that I am putting this on the plan again this week and I think my family will be very happy.


eggs and sausage

yogurt andchocolate chip muffins (gluten free ones)


grits and eggs

pancakes or waffles



slow cooked beef stew

roast with bacon and potatoes (new recipe)


one pot spaghetti

pizza ( I will use my gluten free pizza crust)

oven risotto with sausage and tomatoes

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  1. Sharon Manus says:

    love your mailers keep ’em coming btw do you have any sugar free chocolate “fried” pie recipes? I had one at an after funeral meal this summer and loved it

  2. I love your oven risotto recipe. I use it whenever I forget to take something out for dinner or if I don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into a meal (we eat it a lot).

  3. Looks fantanstic. Had beef stew yesterday it was yummy!

  4. I like to keep various items on hand for breakfast too. Granola bars, traditional breakfast fare like eggs, bread and cereal, oatmeal and grits. Sometimes I’ll make a batch of pancakes, waffles or biscuits for the family.

    Have an amazing week. Looks like there’s going to be some good eating at your home this week!

  5. Brandi Gilliard says:

    Do the eggs still taste good leftover and heated in the microwave? That is a great idea to combine it with sausage and roll it up in a tortilla!

    • We like them even after frozen. The texture changes slightly, but not much especially when eating them with cheese and a tortilla, which is one of our favorite ways to eat them.

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