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Grocery University Cyber Monday Sale

I am sure that you have all noticed the increase in grocery prices lately. Not only have they been rising, many people are predicting that they will continue to rise over the next year or so.

I do not talk a lot about frugal ideas and deals here on Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures, but I do talk a lot about food and recipes.

And the fact is that when you cook meals every day for your family, you have to buy groceries and buying the groceries for those recipes can get expensive. I think we are all looking for ways to reduce our grocery bills, especially with the rising costs.

Last year I listened to the audio series Grocery University and loved it. I grew up with a mom that couponed and was great at shopping frugally. I have spent years using coupons and shopping sales, but over time I had lost my enthusiasm for shopping deals and sales, and my grocery budget suffered because of it.

Grocery University however inspired me to get my grocery budget back under control. If you are looking for ways to save money on groceries, Grocery University might be just what you need.

And Carrie is running a great sale on Grocery University for for Cyber Monday. Grocery University is normally priced at $24.95, so this really is a great deal.

The price goes up throughout the day, so you will get the best deal, by shopping early.

**All times are Mountain Standard Time**
12 AM – 6 AM: price is $5 (savings of 80%)
6 AM – 7 AM: price is $6 (savings of 76%)
7 AM – 8 AM: price is $7 (savings of 72%)
8 AM – 9 AM: price is $8 (savings of 68%)
9 AM – midnight (or sometime the next morning): price is $9.00 (savings of 64%)

What I love about Grocery University is that it is more than just couponing. It is about thinking differently when it comes to buying groceries and other household items.

It covers menu planning, stock piling, learning how store sales work, and where to find coupons.

If you are new to couponing and deal shopping or if you are looking for new inspiration to cut your grocery budget I highly recommend Grocery University.

The Grocery University course includes 139 minutes of audio MP3 files and a 40-page student workbook (PDF) with more tips, visual aids, and example scenarios.

Grocery University is so sure you will love their series that they offer a money back guarantee. Here is what Carrie has to say about her series:

I’m so confident that the Grocery University seminar will teach anyone how to drastically reduce their spending that we have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely thrilled with the money you’re saving. Just contact us within 60 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

If you would like some more information about Grocery University or would like to read or watch some testimonials from others that have listened to the program Carrie has much more information on the Grocery University site.

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