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Shopping Online and Ebates

I did not go out shopping and braving the crowds today for Black Friday. I like a good deal like everyone else, but I am not a fan of crowds and long lines and everything else that goes along with Black Friday. I much prefer shopping from my couch, using my computer.

Many stores offer great deals online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and if there is something I want or need I will take advantage of those deals.

One of my favorite ways to save a little extra when shopping online is to use Ebates.

Ebates is a site that gives you a percent back when you shop. And it works, it really does. I have been using Ebates for several years now and love it. Four times a year I receive a check in the mail from Ebates and it is always a nice surprise.

In fact, I used them twice today already. I got 6% cash back for JC Penney and 7% cash back on a few good deals I found at Gap online.

If you are new to Ebates here is how it works.

When you are ready to shop go to Ebates and sign up, it is free.

Find the store you are wanting to shop at. There is over 1,200 stores listed. Stores like Target, Wal-mart, Eddie Bauer, Staples, Lands End, Llbean, Target, Kohls, Best Buy, and many more.

When you find the store you want to shop at, click shop now. It redirects you to the store’s website and you check out like normal. And you can use coupon codes just like you normally would.

So, all you do different is to go to Ebates first, before you go to the store website. It is one simple extra step that saves you money all year long.

Then four times a year, you will receive your check for the % back amount from the purchases you have made.

Now, you wont’ get rich with Ebates, but little things add up and if you shop online it is a fun way to receive a little extra money every few months.

Thank you for putting up with a non food type post. I am not turning into a deal blogger, I just wanted to share with you my love of Ebates and online shopping.

How many of you already use Ebates?

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  1. Kohl’s was 10% today!! And I found a code for 20% off my purchase PLUS free shipping!

    LOVE Ebates!

  2. Just started using ebates, and it is great. I was ordering from Nordstrom and got 6% back.

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