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A Year In Review: Main Dish Recipes

This year I started Ground Beef Thursdays and have loved the response that I have received from you all. Ground beef is usually a frugal and family friendly meal to serve and I have enjoyed bringing you ground beef recipes over the last couple of months like Oven Tacos and Tater Tot Nachos and I look forward to bringing you more ground beef recipes every Thursday.

I have shared many main dish recipes during 2011 though that are not ground beef recipes.

I shared Bacon Spaghetti,which is so good and quickly became a family favorite.

I also shared a Broccoli Beef Stir Fry recipe that is a homemade version of one of my favorite things to eat when we go out. And it is really easy to make at home.

Have you heard of Oklahoma Prime Rib? Well, I explained exactly what it was earlier this year.

We eat a lot of pizza in our house and Cheeseburger Pizza is my son’s new favorite pizza.

I have had so much fun sharing various main dish recipes over the last year and I look forward to sharing many more in 2012!

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  1. What a mouth watering post! Thank you for sharing:)

  2. So glad I discovered your blog. We eat ground turkey a lot. My daughter doesn’t like meat and I get tired of fish and chicken. She loves ground turkey so I’m always looking for new ideas. Can’t wait to read through some of your recipes.

    • I am glad you found my site. Ground turkey works well in most ground beef recipes, so you should be able to adapt them easily. I hope you enjoy the recipes and my adventures in the kitchen. Happy New Year.

  3. I wanted to wish you a happy new year, I really appreciate the time you put into this blog. I have been reading for at least 2 years and its really one of my all time favorites. Thank you!

  4. Love the list, Lynn. I will be following Ground Beef Thursdays. I can’t have too many ground beef recipes. I may even work up to trying ground turkey next year. The bacon spaghetti sounds wonderful, and I have printed that one out. Thanks so much for all you do for your readers.

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