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Double Chocolate Peppermint Bark

The combination of chocolate and mint is a classic one. They just seem to go together so well.

This peppermint bark combines not only regular chocolate, but white chocolate. I love regular peppermint bark, but the addition of white chocolate in this makes it even better.

And this is so easy. It does have a few steps, but it is really easy. This would be a great holiday recipe for kids to help with.

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  1. i’m missing where the peppermint extract is added. thanks for checking.

    • Sorry about that. You stir it into the melted regular chocolate. I went back and fixed the recipe. Thanks for letting me know I missed that.

  2. Amy Ramos says:

    I am not a fan of the extract however, I know Hershey’s has those candy cane kisses, would those work instead of the candy/extract/white chocolate chips?

    • I have never melted the hershey’s candy cane kisses, but if they melt fine it should work. Really you could also just leave the extract out. It would not be as minty without it, but if you have enough crushed candy canes in it, it should still be good.

  3. Rebecca K. says:

    What kind of white chocolate do you use? I have seen the white chips next to the chocolate chips and they are not called “white chocolate.” Is that what you buy or am I missing something? The white chips I have used don’t taste very good. Thanks for your help!

  4. Oh, yum! Saw this linked to my friend’s fb page. I LOVE peppermint bark!

  5. I just bought some like this and thought to myself, “I could make this. I need to see if Lynn has a recipe for it!” Thanks–love it!


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