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Canadian Bacon Cheese Soup

Last week for Souper Monday I shared Pizza Soup, and today I am sharing Canadian Bacon Cheese Soup, which is also a little bit like pizza in a soup.

Canadian bacon pizza is one of my favorite kinds of pizza after all, so why not eat something similar in a soup.

This soup is actually a lot like a basic potato, or a sausage potato soup, but the meat in this is Canadian bacon, which I think it makes for a nice change. And of course cheese added to soup almost always makes it better.

The original version for this soup came from an old Taste of Home magazine, but it is so tweaked by now that it is not really like the original version at all. But the fun thing about a basic soup like this is that you can change it up and add whatever flavors you like to it to make it your own.

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  1. Thank you for the recipe, i just have a question i live in Spain and dont know if i can get it here, so the question is if any other type of bacon would do? is the canadian bacon more like gammon?, cheers


  2. Canadian bacon here is kind of a cross between ham and bacon. I guess that is the best way to describe it and it usually comes fully cooked/smoked. It is also pretty thinly sliced. We often eat it on things like pizza here in the the US. So, I think you could easily use any sort of ham/bacon in this and have it work just fine. The flavor will very a little depending on the flavor of the meat, but it would work fine. I hope that helps and that you enjoy the soup!

  3. Just wondering, when do you put the oil in? It’s not mentioned in the directions.

  4. I’m from Ontario, and Canadian bacon is sometimes called Canadian back bacon or peameal bacon. I’ve also heard it called cornmeal bacon. You might be able to find it in other countries under these names.

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