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Crock Pot Beef Stew with Red Wine

Today for Souper Monday we are talking stew.

Stew is one of those perfect wintertime comfort food type meals that my family loves. I love how easy it is to put in the crock pot in the morning and have it ready and waiting at dinner time.

One of the ways I like to change up stew is to add a little red wine to it. Just a little bit adds so much flavor and helps tenderize that meat. If you have never tried a little red wine in your stew, you should. It really enhances the flavor and makes it so much better.

Now, the thing is my husband and I don’t drink wine, so I never have it on hand, but I do always keep a bottle of red cooking wine on hand to use in recipes. And I know what some of you are thinking about cooking wine, but it really works well and I have used it for years.

Another reason I love cooking wine is because it is readily available at my grocery store. You see I live in a state where you can only buy wine at a liquor store and it is not usually convenient for me to go to a liquor store. Cooking wine at my local grocery store where I always shop is convenient for me, which is another reason why I buy and use it.

Now for the recipe. This is really just a basic stew recipe and you can easily add whatever you like in your stew. Sometimes I put mushrooms in it and sometimes I add other vegetables to it. You can really add whatever you want to it.

Have you tried wine in your stew before?

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my time in writing this post, but my thoughts and opinions are my own. I have used Holland House products for years and love them.



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  1. Thank you for saying that cooking wine is wonderful. No one in my family drinks alcohol, so when recipes call for wine, out comes the Holland House. I have a few wine experts as friends and they have never turned their noses up at my chicken piccata (made with Holland House white), my stir fries (made with HH sherry), or any other dishes. I will no longer be shame-faced when admitting I use cooking wine! Can’t wait to try this recipe. I love a good stew.

  2. About to prepare for dinner tonight! Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Do you use whole tomatoes or diced? Going to try this recipe this week. :0)

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