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Mexican Tortilla Pie

Today for ground beef Thursday I have a very good, yet very inexpensive and family friendly meal for you.

Over the years I have made quite a few layered tortilla casseroles or Mexican lasagna type meals, but this recipe today is one of my favorites.

I often do not follow an exact recipe when making a layered tortilla casserole, because I just use whatever Mexican type food I have leftover or in the pantry, but for this dish today I use an exact recipe.

And I use a recipe because I find that it turns out better when I do. My family enjoys this recipe more than any of the others that I just throw together with what I have on hand.

What I love about this recipe though is that it is still basic and simple to make. This is a recipe, but it is quick and easy and contains everyday ingredients.


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  1. I think this will have to go the menu plan next week!

  2. I am wondering what the 1/1 teaspoon garlic powder means in the ingredient list — should this be 1/4 or 1/2??

    Look forward to your clarification.

  3. I was wondering what to cook tonight . . . now I know. I’m going to try this. Thanks.

  4. Colleen M. says:

    This looks great – can’t wait to try it!

  5. Colleen M. says:

    Sorry didn’t mean to post twice – Does this freeze well?

    • I have not tried freezing it, but I am sure it would. The texture might be a little different, but besides that I think it would work.

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I just made it today and YUM was it good!!! It’ll be repeated here again soon!!

    Mrs. U

  7. Looks yummy! I am going to put this on the menu for next week!

  8. could you skip the beans?

  9. I came across this looking for freezer meals. It looks delicious, and definitely something my family would enjoy! I think I am going to make the meat mixture and freeze it. Then I would imagine I could thaw it in the fridge over night and then just have the tortillas and cheese on standby. I am just wondering do I need to reheat it in the skillet first, or will the baking time be ok with a cold meat mixture? Thanks!!

    • I think as long as it is thawed it should be fine and will heat up in the oven. You could always add a few minutes to the oven time just to be sure it is heated through if you wanted to.

  10. Well tonight I am having stew but tomorrw night this is
    on the menu. think you could put corn in it also. Thanks
    as always.

  11. Shelly Sawyer says:

    Looks yummy, can’t wait to try this.

  12. Norine Stauske says:

    Love this recipe! So good, never woold know gluten free. My husband loved it too!

  13. I added this comment on the oven tacos but figured I should add it here too. ๐Ÿ™‚ My family doesn’t like beans so we substitute rice for the beans and salsa for the tomatoes and it is excellent!! When we went on a vacation to Winthrop WA a couple years ago, we got a little cottage with a full kitchen and I assembled this at home and froze it and we took it with us and had a great day of exploring and then a wonderful home cooked meal! Very versatile and yummy!!

  14. Enjoying this tonight with the family. Thank you for the recipe.

  15. I am having a group for dinner tomorrow night. What do you serve with it?


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