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Menu Plan {February 12th-18th}

It seems like some weeks are crazy busy and some weeks are more relaxed. This week for me is definitely going to be a crazy busy one, but that is okay. Life is just like that sometimes.

I thought about not making a plan this week, but then I realized that I really did need a plan, I just may not stick exactly to the plan. We will have to see how the week goes.

This week I have a funeral of a friend to go to and a funeral dinner to help with. I have a family of seven staying with me for a few days because they are coming into town for the funeral. We have two birthday’s this week, so we are doing a family get together on Saturday. Add into that an orthodontist appointment, piano lessons, and some wintery weather headed our way, and it makes for a busy week.

And I will admit that I am taking some short cuts this week. I will probably serve cold cereal, yogurt, and store bought muffins at least twice this week , maybe three times, including to my company. I will also probably serve canned baked or grillin’ beans and potato chips, on the night I cook barbecue pork roast.

When I have a week like this one, I am fine admitting that I cannot do it all and I need shortcuts, and I know that everyone in my family and my company, will understand. On week’s like this it is family and friends that are important and come first, not the food we serve them.

Here is the plan that I hope to stick to.


eggs and toast

sausage, eggs, and muffins

cereal and yogurt (x2)



oven tacos

orange barbecue pork, baked beans, and fruit

frito pie

funeral dinner

breakfast for dinner

steak, potatoes, and flourless brownies (birthday dinner)

family dinner at the inlaws

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  1. I am going to have to check out the oven tacos. My husband is a big taco fan.

  2. What is “funeral dinner”??

    • The dinner for the family following the funeral. I am not sure what the technical name is. And I guess not everyone may do them, but in our area they are common to have following the funeral for the family and close friends and are usually at a/the church.

  3. Everytime I see you post about your oven tacos I am like “I HAVE TO MAKE THOSE”! Have you ever tried to prepare them ahead of time and freezing them? Then popping them in the oven when ready to eat? I bet that would work. – Tammy

    • I freeze the filling all the time and it works great. I think though that they hard shells would get soggy and not work the same if you froze them filled.

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