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Menu Plan {March 4th-10th}


The last few weeks have been fun, but very busy for me. We had a family of nine staying with us for a few days, my mom came for a visit while I took a blogging/business trip, we had church stuff all this weekend, and I had a large group over last night for dinner.

And although I have really enjoyed the last few weeks and hosting company, I am ready for a week that is a little less busy and involves a little less cooking.

So here is the plan.


eggs and sausage

baked oatmeal

homemade chocolate granola

boiled eggs and muffins



leftovers from the weekend

migas ( I so need to get a better picture of these)

steak and spicy oven potatoes

one pot spaghetti, bread, and salad

crock pot shredded chipotle beef 


out to eat or breakfast for diner

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  1. We’ve had busy times the past few weeks too. I will be glad to see things settle down this week. I kept my menu plan simple but full of things we enjoy.

    I am going to have to add the crock pot shredded chipotle beef to my to try list. Sounds really good. Also, a good way to use up the last couple of frozen chipotle peppers that I have. :o)

  2. Jennifer says:

    your links of homemade chocolate granola, and baked oatmeal are not working correctly. The links are not going to the reciepes. booo..lol

  3. Anne @ Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy says:

    Your menu sounds delicious!

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