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Chocolate Quinoa Crepes

A couple of weeks ago I shared a recipe for a Chocolate Quinoa Cake that we love. And today I have another quinoa recipe with you that my family really enjoyed.

This recipe is adapted from the cookbook Quinoa 365: The Everyday Superfood and I am loving this cookbook. I have tried a few recipes out of it so far and they have been great. This cookbook is really helping me think outside of the box and experiment more when it comes to quinoa.

Now, I will say I was skeptical of this recipe when I first saw it, but my 12 year old daughter really wanted to give it a try. She thought chocolate crepes that we could all enjoyed sounded wonderful, so we gave them a try for dessert one night.

And they were a success.

We loved them and will definitely make them again. So simple and so good!

If you have never made crepes before, they are really not difficult at all, they just take a little practice.


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  1. Those look great! We’ll have to try baking these & adding some berries. Thanks for the idea.

    • I think you would enjoy that cookbook. It might be worth checking to see if your library has it. And I think you would enjoy these.

  2. Wow! These look delicious, qunioa flour is going on my grocery list!

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