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Gluten Free Banana Coffee Cake

My daughter, who also eats gluten free, loves bananas. And she loves anything with bananas in it. So, she loves that fact that bananas work so well in gluten free baking.

This is a banana cake recipe that was originally a Martha Stewart recipe, that I adapted to be gluten free. And not only did I adapt it to be gluten free, it worked gluten free the first time I made it.

I love it when a recipe turns out the first time I make it recipe gluten free, because all too often that does not happen and it takes much tweaking and adjusting.

This one turned out perfect and we love it.



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  1. Colleen M. says:

    Would it matter if it was brown rice flour versus white rice flour? Will one type work better? Thanks!

    • I use white rice and the recipe should have said that. I updated it to fix that. I think you could easily use part brown rice though and have it work fine. Thanks for catching that for me. 🙂

  2. I am not familiar with sweet rice flour. Can I just use regular rice flour?

  3. yes, I finally looked it up and found I could get it online. It did say it was good for making things because it had a stickier quality. I am going to see if they have it in Charleston when I go there this weekend.

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