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Menu Plan {May 13th-19th}

Summer has officially begun in our house. Yes, I know the calendar disagrees with that, but we homeschool and on Friday we finished up our school for the year.

I know a lot of homeschoolers do more year around type school, but for me I need a break, mainly to catch up on all those things that I get behind on over the school year. Our school year usually starts the beginning of August and ends mid May, so I am looking forward to some time off of school.

The last few weeks months have been really busy, so I decided that I needed a bit of a cooking break this week. But as many of you know we deal with food allergies and issues and when you deal with food issues a break from cooking is not exactly possible. So, I decided to just keep the plan very simple this week.

During the summer breakfast is much more relaxed and easy going in our house and does not always go as planned, but we try.

Here is the plan for the week.


eggs and coffee cake

homemade granola

yogurt and muffins


pancakes or waffles


out to eat or breakfast for dinner

rice cooker macaroni and cheese and hot dogs

cheese enchiladas

pasta and bread or rolls

hamburgers and french fries


bacon cheeseburger salad

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  1. Mama Owl says:

    Yes! We finish up Friday, too! We have friends that school year around, and honestly I don’t know how they do it. May is such a busy month for us, we have been doing “simple” for a few weeks now. I love those quick and easy go to recipes. Do you find that more in the summer also? Whether it be because of the heat or just plain laziness? LOL! We do a lot of salad-types and sandwiches during the summer. Anyway, Hooray! for school being almost over and enjoy your break!

  2. I miss homeschooling so much!! I now have a six month old grandson that will be homeschooled and I’m really looking forward to helping whenever asked lol! I made your homemade enchilada sauce and beef enchiladas last week. Absolutely fantastic!!! My son-in-love works out of town three weeks at a time so DD ate with me and for someone who doesn’t like beef enchiladas, ate them not only for supper, but had leftovers the next day for lunch! The sauce is leaps and bounds better than the stuff in a can and didn’t take any time to make. Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us!

    • Thank you that is so nice. I am really glad you enjoyed the sauce. And I am sure one day I will miss homeschooling and even now once the summers are over I am usually ready to get back at it, but for now I am looking forward to summer. 🙂

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