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Everyday Food’s Chocolate Mousse {Cooking Through My Collection}

Rich and creamy Chocolate Mousse anyone?!

If you love chocolate this dessert is for you. It was so good.

I have made chocolate mousse before, but I think this might be my favorite one. Today’s recipe for my cooking through my collection series comes from the Everyday Food: Fresh Flavor Fast cookbook. And I love this cookbook.

I know I say that about most of my cookbooks, but really this one is a favorite because it contains everyday food, with real and pretty basic ingredients. Overall, I just really enjoy both the Everyday Food magazines and cookbooks.

I will say though that my mousse did not turn out looking anything like their mousse. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was still very good, but I think I might have let my cream get a little to hot when I made this and it changed texture on me.

We still enjoyed this a lot and I managed to eat more than I should have, so it was perfectly fine according to us. It just did not look like the version in the book.





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