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Gluten Free Zucchini Recipes

Right now I have tons of zucchini coming from my garden. That is the trouble good thing about zucchini, you can feed a neighborhood with just one or two plants.

So, right now I have zucchini on my mind. What I am realizing though is that many of my old favorite recipes that use zucchini are ones that I have not adapted to be gluten free.

The zucchini pizza pictured above is gluten free and we love it, but many of my breads, cakes, and other things need to be adapted which takes time. I hope to work on some of those soon.

In the mean time though I need to figure out what to do with all this zucchini, so I have been searching the web for ideas.

Last year Linda the Gluten Free Homemaker shared a round up of gluten free zucchini ideas and there are some great ideas. I think she has inspired me to try the zucchini and sausage or at least do something similar. And I love her idea of adding it to mashed potatoes.


I also want to try my sister’s recipe for zucchini sticks. I also think her sauteed zucchini and corn looks like a great summer side dish.

What is your favorite gluten free way to cook zucchini? 

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  1. I love the combo of zucchini & sausage… Oh so good! We make a lasagna using roasted zucchini as “noodles” & we love that!

  2. One of my favorite and most decadent ways to serve zucchini (or any other summer squash) is with the recipe from an old Joy of Cooking edition called Summer Squash Cockaigne (not one of the newer editions with a can of soup). The cooked and well drained sliced squash is served with a sauce made with butter, egg yolk lightly cooked, add a few tablespoons sour cream, a sprinkling of garlic powder and freshly chopped chives, then stir in about 1/4 cup grated hard cheese like romano or parmesan. Stir the sauce into the squash. Serve it that way or finish off with cheesey, buttered bread crumbs over the top browned in the oven. (I usually skip that step to avoid turning on the oven.) If you have that edition of Joy, you may be able to find the recipe as written.
    Another more veggie-ful casserole that is an old family favorite is layered with bacon and tomatoes and American cheese. The layers are sprinkled with salt, pepper and oregano. It’s more a method than a real recipe. It takes about an hour to bake as I recall and is quite watery from the tomatoes and zucchini releasing their liquids as they cook. (I’ve tried other cheeses, but the milky-ness of American cheese always seems best with the bacon and tomato.)

    • Those sound really good, especially the bacon and cheese. Bacon and cheese make everything taste good!.

  3. Ooops, forgot to mention that the casserole also had sliced sweet onion layered in it.

  4. How did you get so many zucchinis? I usually only get one tiny one per plant or none.

    • I am not sure. Mine seem to do really well for a month or so and once the really hot weather hits they don’t make it. So, I have found that I get a few good weeks where I get a ton, but then that is all. Growing up in Oregon, my parents zucchini always did really well, but I am not sure what the secret is.

      • Julie H. says:

        Our temps are in the 90s and 100s here in the summer. We pretty much go from Winter to Summer without much of a Spring, so that explains it. Thanks!

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