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Grilled Steak with Chipotle Butter and Sweet Mesquite Grillin’ Beans

This Sunday is Father’s Day and when I think of the perfect meal for Father’s Day, I always think of steak. Steak is just one of those foods that the majority of men love. In, fact a steak dinner would probably be the perfect gift for almost any dad.

When it comes to steak though my husband is a purist and by that I mean he likes his steak as steak, no sauce and no marinades. Just a little oil, salt, and pepper rubbed into the steak and then grilled to perfection. He likes his steak kept simple.

But I have recently discovered that he does enjoy steak served with flavored butters. I mean how can you go wrong with butter melting all over your steak. Make it a flavored butter like the chipotle butter I have for you today, and it is even better.

Now, for Father’s Day my husband’s choice for side dishes with his steak would be Bush’s new Sweet Mesquite Grillin’ Beans.

He loves the sweet, yet smoky flavor of the Sweet Mesquite Grillin’ Beans and the Sweet Mesquite Grillin’ Beans pair well with grilled steak. Sweet Mesquite is Bush’s newest flavor in the Grillin’ Beans line and we love it.

Grilled steak and Grillin’ Beans make the perfect meal for Father’s Day.

I would love to hear how you enjoy your steak. Do you like it plain and simple? Or do you enjoy it with rubs and marinades?

And what about cooking it, are you a rare, medium rare, or well done steak eater? 

Disclaimer: I have an ongoing relationship with Bush’s Grillin’ Beans and am compensated for my time in working with them. However, my thoughts and opinions are my own. I used and loved Bush’s products for years. 

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  1. Sounds yummy! Have any good ideas for using the leftover Chipotle butter?

    • Well, my husband would put it on about anything, 🙂 But I think you could use it with other meats, as well as some veggies. If you like spicy things I think it would be really good on corn or fried corn or something like that.

  2. I don’t eat steak but a flavored or herbed butter sounds really good on a meat dish.

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