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Gluten Free Peaches and Cream Pancakes


Gluten free peaches and cream pancakes anyone?!

One of my main goals with gluten free cooking is to make food and meals that taste as good as the real thing. Just because it is gluten free, does not mean that it has to taste bad or even gluten free. Gluten free can and should be good.

These pancakes are a perfect example of that. They are so good and my whole family loves them. They are perfect for breakfast this time of year when all the fresh peaches are available.

And these make a fun breakfast for the weekend.

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  1. Those sound fabulous! Cant wait to try them. We are just beginning eating gluten free. There are a couple free books I found on my kindle this morning I thought I would share with you. One is 4 more weeks of fabulous paleo breakfasts by Amelia Simmons. I know the paleolithic diet excludes more than gluten but I have still found the recipes helpful. The other is 31 irresistible recipes for baking with coconut flour by Donatella Giordano.

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