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Homemade Peach Milkshake

Milkshakes are one of my favorite summertime treats to make at home, especially when using fresh fruit to make them.

I blame my love of fresh fruit milkshakes on Burgerville. Many of you may not know what Burgerville is, but Burgerville is very familiar to those that live in Oregon and Washington.

Burgerville is a fast food type restaurant that is known for serving a lot of locally grown ingredients, like the fruit in their milkshakes and Walla Walla onions for their onion rings and burgers.

My favorite item at Burgerville has always been the fruit milkshakes, but Oregon is a long way to go just for a fruit milkshake. The good news though is that they are easy to make at home.

So for those of you that do not have a Burgerville close by, or that have never had a fruit milkshake, I am going to share with you today how you can make one at home. It is really easy.

Have you ever made fruit milkshakes? If you have not you really need to try one because it is so good!

And are fruit milkshakes a regional thing because I do not see them very often here in Oklahoma, which is too bad because they are so good. 




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  1. The Peach Milkshake from Chick Fil A is my fave!

  2. I love fruit milkshakes, especially peach ones! Thank you for sharing this recipe! In Virginia Beach there’s an ice cream place, Handel’s, and their peach milkshakes are wonderful! Now we’re in So. California & will need to find another ice cream shop that has the same goodness. But if not, I can definitely make these in my own kitchen. 🙂

  3. I prefer using condensed milk because taste will not rely on the ice cream. Also, it makes them super creamy and true to taste.

  4. Tried this today for my kids and our guests and the milkshakes were awesome! I also like my milkshakes thicker so we went with the 3 cups of ice cream and less milk. Thank you!


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