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I Give Up {Also Known As My Most Recent Gluten Free Disaster}

After making five loaves of bread, I think I have finally given up on adapting this recipe to be gluten free. Because really that is one ugly loaf of bread.

No matter what I tried it just would not hold together.

My son had some words of encouragement though. He told me that he did not care how many disasters it took to get a good loaf because it tasted good and he did not care how ugly it was. Oh, to think like a ten year old boy.


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  1. I hate it when that happens! At least it was tasty, though.

  2. Wow, that really did fall apart. I bet you’ll figure it out some time while working on another recipe.

    • That is what it did on the batch I tried after I talked to you. It just fell apart when I tried to take it out of the pan. I think I am going to set it aside for awhile and try again or maybe as muffins. At least it tasted good and we were able to eat it instead of throw it in the trash.

  3. When life gives you breadcrumbs….make meatloaf. Sorry you had such a hard time!

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