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No Bake Butterscotch Cookie Bars

It is has been hot here in Oklahoma, but it is August after all and August in Oklahoma means hot weather.

One thing I dread about hot weather is not being able to bake. I mean I can bake, but really when it is 100+ degrees outside the last thing you want to do is heat up your kitchen unnecessarily.

So, in our house we set aside the cookies, cakes, and other baked treats for treats that are quick and easy to make without heating up the house.

One of our favorite treats to make is no bake cookie bars. No bake cookie bars are quick and easy to make and contain everyday ingredients, so they are perfect for a quick summertime dessert.

Today I am sharing a butterscotch version of a no bake cookie bars. We love the regular chocolate no bake cookie bars, but these are a fun way to change them up for something a little different.

What is your favorite summertime treat to make that does not heat up the kitchen? 


Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. How much should the measurement of butterscotch chips be in this recipe? There is a typo of 1 1/1 cups.

  2. mmmmmmmmmmm…..butterscotch! will have to try these. Thanks for the recipe…..way too hot to turn on the oven here in Arkansas too:)

  3. I noticed on the link to the chocolate recipe, in the comments, someone mentioned a peanut butter free no bake chocolate bar recipe. Could I try the above recipe and sub the chocolate chips and pudding for the butterscotch chips and pudding? I have pudding I need to use up anyway, so I’m looking forward to trying both flavors!

  4. Lovely recipe! I love how you used butterscotch chips and pudding! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Hi Lynn,
    My oven broke down last week. And the lazy me…still hasn’t got it fixed (too too lazy to even have a look at it myself). 😉
    Kids had been pestering me for ‘something sweet’. And I was racking my brains thinking of something to gratify their sweet tooth without my dear oven.
    Thanks for the share..hope to see them both beaming in the evening! 🙂

  6. Can you use old fashioned oats if you don’t have any quick oats on hand? Thanks

  7. What can be used as a substitute for the instant butterscotch pudding? It’s not readily available in my country. Thanks. 🙂

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