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Peaches and Cream Pancakes

One of the best things about summer is all the fresh fruit and produce that is available. From tomatoes and peppers, to berries and peaches, we love them all.

And it is always so much fun for me to find new ways to incorporate all this fresh food into our menu plan and meals.

These pancakes are one of the new ways I came up with to serve peaches this year and we loved them. They are rich and fluffy and oh so good. Serve them with a few fresh peaches on top and they are even better.

As many of you know several in my family eat gluten free and 95% of what I make for my family is gluten free. This recipe though was a recent exception. I really wanted to make my son and husband a gluten filled treat for breakfast and these pancakes were a perfect treat for them.

However, I did not leave out the gluten free eaters in the family. I made a gluten free version as well and you can find the gluten free version over in my allergy section. Yes, this took some extra planning and clean up work, but it was so worth it for these pancakes.

And I figured that if I was going to go to all the work of making a special treat for my husband and son, I would make a big batch. It worked great to reheat these and they were able to enjoy a special treat for several days. None of ours made it into the freezer, but I am guessing these would freeze really well.

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  2. We did something similar last week with strawberries. The kids LOVED them and none of ours made it to the freezer either!


  1. […] We tried something new this week – Peach Pancakes. I saw the recipe on a blog that I follow called Lynn's Kitchen Adventure and I thought they looked good. We tried them for supper last week and they got 7 thumbs up. The only thumb down was from my one son who doesn't really care for pancakes anyway. He eats then but they are not his favorite. We liked them and will make them again. You can get the recipe here (she also has a gluten-free version) – Peach Pancakes […]

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