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My Daughter’s Medical Alert Bracelet

A couple of weeks ago I shared that we were considering getting my daughter a medical alert bracelet. And I want to thank all of you that took the time to comment on that post. I loved hearing what you all have done regarding getting one for yourself or your child.

We ended up getting my daughter one from Lauren’s Hope. I am not affiliated with Lauren’s Hope at all. I simply found them when I started searching for bracelets and they had one that my daughter liked and that we thought would work well.

For my daughter’s bracelet we decided to stick with one that looks like a medical alert bracelet, but was still nice enough that she would be willing to wear it all the time. We let her pick out the one she wanted and we let her get the black medical logo instead of the red, because it makes it slightly less noticeable. Although the red is probably the best color to get.

My daughter has very sensitive skin and deals with some metal allergies. I knew an inexpensive bracelet would not work for us, but at the same time I did not want to spend a lot of money on something she might lose or break.

The one we got seemed to fit what we were looking for and she has not reacted to it. Although if you have metal allergies, I would contact any company you order from to get more information.

For my daughter’s bracelet we had engraved on it, her name, tree nut peanut allergy, and carries epi pen. We wanted to include plenty of information to let someone know what she needs, without putting too much information on it.

Getting my daughter an allergy alert bracelet has made me feel so much better about dealing with her allergies when I am not around. It does not change the fact that we still have to be on guard, but if she ever does eat something that she reacts to, those around her will know what to do.



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  1. I’ve looked at Lauren’s Hope too — glad it worked for your daughter! You may have pushed me to do the same.

  2. Glad you guys found something that worked for you – I meant to comment on the earlier post, but got way sidetracked. I use one from idonme.com that laces in to my work boots. Part of the safety briefing I do with a new crew includes what to do if I have an asthma attack and I point them to the id to show the medics (haven’t had to use it yet, knock on wood!) I can transfer it to my sneakers when I’m on vacation or on camping trips. Also, my sister has embroidered a t-shirt that says ‘No Gluten!’ accross the back for her celiac daughter to wear on field trips. I’ve seen where you can get those online as well. Went and looked at Lauren’s Hope and found the one I want to get to wear on our next vacation – those are CUTE!

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