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Candy Cane Brownies and Chocolate Gravy

With a title like Candy Cane Brownies and Chocolate Gravy, you might have thought I meant together, but no that would be a little odd.

On second thought, it might be good. You can never have too much chocolate right?!

The title Candy Cane Brownies and Chocolate Gravy was actually just to let you know about a couple of recipes that I shared recently in my allergy section.

Both of these recipes are really good and just happen to be gluten free. No strange ingredients are in either of these recipe and they are both delicious. This is gluten free food everyone will love.

The Candy Cane Brownies are perfect for the holidays. They are rich and delicious and the crushed candy canes make them a fun holiday treat.

And chocolate gravy, what can I say about chocolate gravy, expect I can’t believe it took me so long to try this. I might have been raised in Oregon, but chocolate gravy is a southern treat that I now love.

Really, this is so good and would be a fun Christmas breakfast.

If you are gluten free be sure to serve the chocolate gravy over my gluten free drop biscuits and if you are not gluten free, just serve it over your favorite biscuit for a special treat.

Gluten free or not, both Candy Cane Brownies and Chocolate Gravy are recipes your family will love.

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