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Farm To Fork Naturals and a Giveaway

I recently had the opportunity to try Farm To Fork Naturals by Columbus Foods and we loved them.

I know the difference in high quality meats. We raise hogs and buy half a beef from a local rancher each year. And I grew up eating beef and other meat my family raised.

Knowing where your meat comes from and what is in it, makes a big difference, but I will admit when it comes to lunch meats and cold cut type meats, I usually buy whatever.

Now, first let me say in general we do not often buy prepackaged meats, so when I say I buy whatever, that is usually only once or twice a month. Packaged meats are a pretty rare thing in our house and usually end up on homemade pizza for pizza night.

With all our food issues and reading so many labels as it is, packaged meats have not been where I focus my time on. Yes, I make sure it is gluten and nut free, but besides that I really just buy whatever because to me they all taste about the same.

Farm To Fork Naturals though has changed that for me. Now I know  there is a difference when it comes to packaged meat and I am going to be more careful about which ones I buy.

What I love about Farm To Fork Naturals, and what makes their meats taste better, is that they are minimally processed without the use of nitrates/nitrites, additives, artificial ingredients or preservatives. Their meats taste like meat. It tastes the way it should taste.

I used some of the meat for panini type sandwiches and we all loved them. I used some of the salami on homemade pizza and it was also very good. And I will admit that I grabbed a few pieces here and there plain for a quick lunch, and it was great that way as well.

To find out more information on Farm To Fork Naturals and to find retailers in your area be sure to visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Now for the giveaway:

Two readers will receive a sample package of Farm To Fork Naturals Pre-Sliced Meats

  • All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment.
  • One entry per person.
  • Giveaway ends Monday January 21st, 2013.
  • If you are reading this by email you must click through here and leave a comment on my site to enter.
  • For more information please see my giveaway policy.
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  1. Lisa Thomas says:

    Their products look excellent! I’ll have to check them out next time I’m in town.

  2. These look great, and it says they are carried at Costco. Thanks!

  3. Monica Lavoie says:

    I would love to try these.


  4. I’ve purchased the Columbus salami’s several times but would love to try their Farm to Fork products, too!

  5. I love that they are minimally processed meats.

  6. Cherrie Uhlenkamp says:

    These sound great. Maybe my family would even eat them. 🙂

  7. Yvonne Boudreau says:

    Love you site

  8. Holly Bensing says:

    Sounds like a great giveaway, thanks for hosting!!

  9. Tiffany Myers says:

    Sounds like an AWESOMELY GREAT product. Would so love to try them

  10. I am trying to eat healthier since I was recently diagnosed with celiac. I alway get grass fed and minimally processed meatwhen I can. The taste is so much better and it is better for the whole family. I would love to give these a try. Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. I’m a homeschooling mom of six. Any help with feeding my family (someone’s always eating) with the best choices available would be great! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  12. Boy, I’d I ever want to win this. We are changing our eating habits for health and for necessity. My daughter was just diagnosed with food allergirpes and intolerances. BTW, love you’re site.

  13. can’t wait to try this
    thanks for the giveaway

  14. Always interested in new, healthier products. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  15. I would love to try this! I have currently had to take gluten out of my diet (I feel so much better in just a week and half) and trying to watch all other food my family is eating! So this would be great to try!!

  16. I also was raised on farm fresh meat and continue to buy our meat at a local meat shop. We rarely (1 x yr) buy lunch meat. It would be interesting to try these products. I do have a wheat food allergy so how the meat is processed would be a huge factor.

  17. Sounds awesome! Would love to try their products 🙂

  18. Rebekah Shaver says:

    I had never heard of Farm Fork Naturals before, but I would LOVE to try them!

  19. I would love to try these for my family. I have been looking for this type of product and haven’t had luck in my regular store!

  20. I would love to try these.

  21. Jenna Moore says:

    My kids like me to make their lunch for high school. So we buy a lot of deli meat and I am sure I would love to try Farm to Fork Naturals. I will say that my son does not like packaged salami at all I have to buy it in the deli only.

  22. Would love to try these.

  23. Sounds great; I’d love to try it!

  24. I would love to try these.

  25. I own a small in home childcare and am always trying to feed these kids tasty food without the additives junk I would love to try it. Thanks

  26. I would love to try these

  27. I’ve never seen this brand before. They sound great. Finding deli/pre-sliced meats that actually taste like the meat they are labelled is hard to do.

  28. Katie Cooke says:

    I love products that help get meals on the table faster. This product looks great!

  29. Sounds yummy! I’ve never heard of them before. I’d love to try them. 🙂

  30. I also buy whatever when it comes to lunch meats and cold cut type meats. I’m glad to see there’s an option!

  31. I’ve never had the opportunity to try this brand! Would love to try it!

  32. I would love to try this brand. Thanks!!

  33. Would love to try these!

  34. Kimberly in NC says:

    We eat a bit of lunch meat here in our packed lunches.

  35. These look great– I would love to try them

  36. Rebecca R. says:

    These sound delicious! I would like to taste the difference between these and regular lunch meat!

  37. This brand looks really good. I am always looking for meats that are less processed. Thanks for the information and the giveaway.

  38. I’d love to give these a try!

  39. Natural meats definitely do make a difference. I recently found that I can’t eat a lot of anything with added nitrates/nitrates. If I eat that for a few days I end up getting a bad migraine that lasts the rest of the week. Luckily there are more and more brands such as Farm to Fork coming into the food scene that makes it easier find good quality foods that taste great, without all the added junk.

  40. Ah, something new! Good to know! Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Thanks for sharing good tips always. Will have to check out this meat.

  42. This sounds great. Thanks!

  43. We have a local place called the Piggery that does wonderful pasture-raised pork, but they don’t have any lunch meats. I suspect if they did it might be similar to Farm to Fork’s products.

  44. I have not seen this brand before. Would like to try it. I try to buy only natural, hormone, antibiotic and preservative free meats.

  45. I’d love to try some natural lunch meats!

  46. sounds great, thanks!

  47. I would love to know more about the meat we buy. That is one area that we haven’t yet been able to do. We are off to a great start though by eating a lot more fruits and vegetables in our house in order to be healthier.

  48. Cristi Desmarais says:

    Thank you so much for the recipes and information you share. I was referred to your website by a friend. I am thankful as this type of eating is new to me and can be frustrating. However, with the rigt tools and information I am learning a lot. Thank you.

  49. Great giveaway!

  50. I love that they avoid nitrates/nitrites!

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