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Ten Favorite Soup Recipes

Cold weather has hit Oklahoma.

Of course it is January, so I guess cold weather is a pretty sure thing in most places. And even if it is not cold where you are, it is probably the coldest time of year if you live anywhere in the US.

Because it is cold, and it is January, I thought today would be a perfect day to highlight some of my favorite soup recipes. Some are quick and easy and some are crock pot meals, but they are all delicious and perfect for a cold winter day.

Crock Pot Carrot Soup

Enchilada Soup

Slow Cooked Potato Corn Chowder

Taco Soup

Egg Drop Soup

Slow Cooked Bean with Bacon Soup

Crock Pot Bean and Sausage Soup

Chicken Enchilada Soup

Pizza Soup

German Chowder

 What is your favorite soup to make this time of year? 

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  1. I enjoy salmon chowder and it makes enough I can share with friends. It is a way to get more seafood in the diet. ha

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