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A Few Free ebooks- 42 Days to Fit, Gooseberry Chili Recipes, and More {Expired}

Some of these deals have expired so be sure to check the price before checking out at Amazon! 

I know you all love free ebooks, so I wanted to tell you about a few free ones that I found.

My blogging friend Brandy, also known as The Marathon Mom, is offering her Kindle ebook, 42 Days to Fit, free today, Monday, February 4th. And it will be 99 cents on the 5th and 6th. This 42 Days to Fit ebook is normally $7.99, so this is a great deal.

For those of you that are Gooseberry Patch fans, their Circle of Friends Cookbook 25 Chili Recipes is free right now. We love chili, so this looks like a fun ebook.

I found a couple of more free ones that look interesting.

Quinoa Recipes: The Complete Cookbook For The Grain Free Diet


Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes for Everyone ( It looks like this one is no longer free)

I love free ebooks, so I will try to occasionally share the ones I find with you all. I know you like free as much as I do.

Note: Amazon prices vary and may not stay free for long. 

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  1. Hi Lynn,
    I really appreciate these tips. I went and downloaded 2 of the books (42 days to fit and the chili cookbook) as soon as I read your post.

  2. I realize that the authors are giving the free ebooks as a gift. However, if they say it is free on the 4th and $.99 on the 5th and 6th, then that is what it should be. It is currently 11:14 pm EST and the 42 Days to Fit is $7.99. Not exactly what was posted. Very disappointing indeed.

    • I am not sure what happened with this one. I know it was free earlier on Monday because several got it and it should be 99 cents, not the 7.99 amazon is showing today. My guess is this is an Amazon issue, but I will try to find out. Sorry.

  3. Patti Keil says:

    When I try to get the 42gopher Days to FIT ebook, it always says it’s $7.99….is there a special code to use to get it free or for 99 cents?

    • It was free for yesterday Monday, but I think Amazon took it down early or something because several of you have mentioned this. I know it was free earlier in the day. It should be 99 cents today but it is showing up as 7.99, so I am not sure what is going on. I will try to see if I can find out.

  4. Patti Keil says:

    Thanks, Lynn…I was able to get it just now for 99 cents.

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