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Crock Pot Haystack Chili Filling

This week for Crock Pot Monday I am sharing a simple chili/Mexican type fill that works for so many things.

I have heard the term Haystacks used for many different things. Some are more of a taco or taco salad type dish and others are more chili like. What they all seem to have in common though is a mexican type meat filling layered over other ingredients.

The haystacks my family enjoys is basically a type of chili layered over about anything. We love this as a meat filling for mexican food. It is great used for a taco bar or over rice as burrito bowls. And we also love this over crock pot baked potatoes.

This filling freezes really well and is really very versatile.



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  1. Sue Michaels says:

    Haystacks are one of the BEST meals for a big crowd that is quick & easy. I have made them either just a “chili” type, or more “Italian” or “Mexican” depending on what is in my pantry at the time. Never have used potatoes as a base, but rice is always good, chinese noodles or smashed corn/tortilla chips (from Aldi). Your imagination can just run wild for toppings – sour cream, shredded cheese, different beans, roasted veggies, olives, etc.etc.etc. A little or a lot. Of course we farm, so serving “Haystacks” is just something we do here ;-D

  2. I’ve never done the haystack thing and have never served chili over potatoes as shown above but I commonly place a piece of bread in the bottom of my hubby’s bowl and spoon the chili over it. Forget the cornbread, that is his favorite way to eat it! 😀

  3. Just made the chili over potatoes haystacks last night. It was so easy to pull together and was delicious. My husband said it was amazing!! It was nice because if the kids didn’t want chili on theirs, they could doctor their potato their way.
    Guess it will be on the menu a little more often this winter. Nice and warm and filling.

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