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Flora’s Mini Turkey Meatloaves and Green Beans

Last year when I did a survey you all asked for more chicken recipes. I love chicken and I know it is a healthy inexpensive main dish to serve, but my family does not eat a lot of chicken or turkey. We raise hogs, my husband and kids hunt, and we buy half a beef each year, so chicken is something I only buy when I get a really good deal.

My sister’s family however eats a lot of chicken and turkey and we cook a lot alike. Well, okay my sister probably cooks a little healthier than I do, but in general we cook a lot alike. So, I asked her if she would share some of her favorite chicken and turkey recipes with my readers and she thought it was a great idea. Over the next few months she will be doing an occasional guest post and I hope you enjoy them. And if you are gluten free or deal with food allergies be sure to visit her site. She has some great recipes for living with food allergies.

Meatloaf is a family-favorite at my house; however, it isn’t always a practical weeknight meal. Making individual size loaves, not only reduces the cooking time, but makes the meal more appealing to the kids. And baking the green beans on the same pan makes for easier baking and cleanup.

I like to use turkey as a healthy alternative to beef. The sweet potato keeps the loaves nice and moist, but doesn’t overwhelm them with sweet potato flavor. And it’s a great way to sneak in some extra vegetables!

Cooking the green beans with a little oil and maple syrup adds a nice flavor, but you could leave the maple syrup out if you prefer.


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