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From Garbage to Gourmet Ebook

From Garbage to Gourmet

Did you know that most families throw away 25% of the food they buy every single week? That is a lot of food and money wasted each week.

My mom and grandmother taught me so much when it comes to reusing and not wasting. My grandmother recycled long before recycling was popular. She always found a way to reuse or repurpose something.

My mom was great about turning the smallest amount of leftovers or other ingredients into a meal. She rarely lets anything go to waste.

Although my mom and grandmother taught me so much, it is an area where I don’t do as much as I should. All to often cleaning out the fridge means throwing out way too much food, so I love my friend Carrie’s ebook, From Garbage to Gourmet.

From Garbage to Gourmet

From Garbage to Gourmet features over 80 recipes and creative ideas for using things like broccoli stalks, potato peels, carrot ends, herb stems, corn cobs, and more. Things that most people throw away without thinking about it, but can be used to make incredibly delicious food!

This ebook is full of helpful tips and ideas for not letting food go to waste. It is more than just recipes, it is a helpful how to guide.

It’s not just recipes: the From Garbage to Gourmet ebook has hundreds of strategies to help you prevent food waste and create delicious food out of things you normally throw away.

  • Want to keep your berries from molding?
  • Don’t know what to do with the rest of a can of tomato paste?
  • Think the only option for wilted or frozen celery is the trash can?
  • Constantly throwing away feta cheese because it’s spoiled?

You need this ebook!

And From Garbage to Gourmet is on sale today, Monday June 10th- Wednesday June 12th for only $4.99. 

Carrie is so confident that you will love this book that she is offering a money-back guarantee. If you buy the book and it doesn’t live up to your expectations, let her know within 60 days of your purchase and she will refund your money.

From Garbage to Gourmet is also available on Kindle, but in my opinion the PDF version is nicer and has the printable recipes.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, but I would not share the ebook deal with you if I did not truly enjoy the ebook. Thanks for supporting this site. 


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  1. Christina says:

    I just bought it! I’m really excited, my husband and I are really committed to cutting down on our food waste, and I’m sure i’ll get some great ideas from this book. Thanks for sharing!

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