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Homemade Spaghetti Seasoning Mix

Over the years many of you have asked for more recipes for homemade seasoning mixes, so one of my goals for my homemade favorites series is to share more of them.

So far I have shared a homemade onion soup mix and a homemade chili seasoning. Today I have a homemade spaghetti seasoning for you.

Homemade seasoning mixes make great food gifts, but they are also great to keep on hand for those busy days when you need a quick, home cooked meal.

One of the things I love about homemade seasoning mixes is that you can control the ingredients. If you want them spicier you can add more spiciness to it. If you love oregano, add a little more. Don’t like thyme, feel free to leave it out. Take the basic recipe and make it fit what your family likes.



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  1. How did you know I needed this recipe? I’m trying to convert a recipe of my mother’s that calls for “spaghetti sauce mix”, and then I open my feeds and find that you had just posted one. Thank you for being psychic!

    • I am glad the timing was good on this. I think it will work fine for a recipe that calls for sauce mix. I hope you enjoy it.

      • It took a few days, but I did make my mother’s recipe, and used your Homemade Spaghetti Seasoning in it. The recipe is “Pop-up Pizza Pie” and it was great. This recipe is part of my own cooking blog – I’m going through all my cookbooks – and I link back to your site. If you are interested, here is the direct link: http://cooking.pfeist.net/?p=1203

  2. Any thoughts on adding this to fresh tomatoes (or puree) from the garden … how many tomatoes or puree??
    I love using our own tomatoes for spaghetti sauce & this recipe will mean no more seaoning packets – LOVE IT! THANKS!! Maybe 3 cups of seedless puree … would be equivilient to water+paste??

    • Yes, I would say 3-4 cups. You could always add more seasoning if you needed to. It might just take some experimenting to get it how you want, but I think it would work.

  3. Thanks for this recipe. Definitely will be trying this. I wanted to tell you I took some left over roast and made the bar b q sloppy joes. My husband thought they were so delicious. Score!

  4. thelma Plantenga says:

    Hi lynn I will try your spaghetti sauce mix recipe, I don’t want to use the packets any longer most have MSG in them which I try to avoid. I live on a 100 acre farm in Oregon with my husband we are retired dairy farmers and I am a retired nurse. We lease our our property and we raise a few grass fed beef every year and we have a dog named Lizzy, and we watch our grand kids 2 x a week.

  5. Hi Lynn, I love your website! I was wondering if I used a 15oz can of organic tomato sauce, how much of your mix would I use?

    • I would say a little less mix than I suggest. A 15 ounce can of sauce would be a little less liquid than using water and tomato paste. I would also taste it and see if it needs some water added. You may need to add a little water with the sauce. Basically I would start with using maybe 3/4 of what the original recipe suggests, than taste and adjust the seasoning and add water if needed. I hope that helps.

  6. Used your spaghetti sauce mix in my 365 Day Challenge to a Homemade Home. http://www.homemadedaybyday.com/2015/04/spaghetti-sauce-mix.html

  7. How many 1/4 cup servings does one recipe of mix make?
    I can’t wait to try this….I just canned a bunch of tomato sauce, so I needed a spaghetti sauce mix 🙂

  8. Heather says:

    What is the shelf live of this seasoning if stored in a canning jar (ex. Kerr or Mason)?

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