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Flourless Chocolate Chip Cake


Flourless desserts are always popular in a gluten free kitchen, because no flour means no gluten. Or at least it usually does.

Now this cake does have a secret ingredient. Please stay with me on this one because really this cake is so good. My whole family enjoyed it.

This cake has beans in it. Yes, beans. Navy beans to be exact. Now, I know it is odd, and I am not normally a fan of bean flours in my gluten free recipes, but in this beans worked. The beans kept it moist and since you pureed it the texture worked. It really did.

Now, it did not taste like a rich chocolate over the top type dessert. This flourless chocolate chip cake was more like a healthy cake, but it was very good. It reminds me of my flourless brownies that contain beans because it taste like a dessert, but a healthy one.

I will be making this one again and again. I love dessert and anytime I can make a gluten free dessert without a bunch of extra ingredients and have it be a little healthier, I am all for it.

Have you made any flourless desserts with beans? I would love to hear what things you have made with beans? 


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