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Gluten Free Spaghetti Carbonara { Quick and Easy Gluten Free Dinner}

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Last week I shared that I was going to start a new series sharing quick and easy gluten free dinner ideas. I am really looking forward to this series and I hope you are too.

I shared one pot spaghetti last week and today I have another simple gluten free pasta dinner idea. Today’s recipe, Spaghetti Carbonara, actually only contains five ingredients so it is definitely a quick and easy gluten free dinner.

There are not many gluten free dinners that contain only five ingredients. And the only odd or special ingredient in this is the gluten free pasta, so it is also a budget friendly gluten free dinner.

I love spaghetti carbonara not only because it is quick and easy, but because it is a meal my whole family loves. This is a recipe even non gluten free people will enjoy. I mean really if you cover anything in bacon and cheese even the pickiest eaters will enjoy it.

I have made various versions of this over the years, but my favorite way to cook it is to cook it with some bacon grease. Most spaghetti carbonara contains bacon, so why not use some of the bacon fat to add flavor to the dish. So, this recipe calls for a little bacon grease and a little butter. The combination of the two makes for a dish that is full of flavor.

One quick note. The day I made this and took pictures of it, I was trying to do too many things in the kitchen and over cooked the eggs a little. Your eggs should blend in and be cooked, but not scrambled. Just keeping it real for you. I get distracted in the kitchen also.

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