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Menu Plan {June 2nd-June 8th}

My kitchen is pretty much back to normal. At least it has all the appliances working and the cabinets and counters are in. Now, I just need to get it all organized and where I want it. Right now I am still moving things around to get them just right.

We still have some paint and touch up type stuff to do, but I am so glad to have it all back and working. I have a few posts planned on what did not work with my old kitchen and what we did for the new one, but I want to wait until we get the paint done to take the final pictures.

Here is the plan for this week.


Breakfast Bowls (From the freezer)

Yogurt and Muffins

Eggs and Sausage ( I hope to make a large batch for the freezer)




Cowboy Spaghetti

BBQ Meatballs and Oven Fries

Bacon Pizza 

Asparagus and Tomato Pizza – Yes, I am planning pizza twice this week, what can I say it is a meal my whole family loves.

 Homemade Tuna Helper

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  1. I’m excited to see your new kitchen and hear what did not work with your old one.

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