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Easy Grater Clean Up {Kitchen Tip}

grater tip

I have been known to buy pre-grated cheese. Yes, yes I have and I don’t have a problem saying it. It is often on sale and saves me a step on busy days.

However, I am the first to admit that pre-grated or pre-shredded cheese does not melt the same. They often add stuff to it to prevent caking and it just does not melt the same as a plain old block of cheese that I shred myself. So for some things I do prefer the to buy a block of cheese and shred it at home.

One thing I hate about shredding cheese though is cleaning the grater. Yes, it is a simple thing, but it is something I find a pain. Which is why I was so excited to find a way to make clean up a little easier when using my grater.

For those of you that hate cleaning your grater as much as I do, I hope this tip helps.

grater tip 2_

All I do is spray it with a little oil. Or you can use a can of oil type spray. I love my Misto oil sprayer. It does not take much. Just spray it a little before you shred the cheese.

grater tip 3

Shred the cheese as you normally would and then clean the grater. The cheese wipes up much easier. Now, you still have to clean it, but it is easier.

It is hard to tell in the picture above, but the top part of the grater has been wiped with just a paper towel and it got most of the cheese off.

This really does work and now I don’t dread shredding cheese so much. Sometimes it is the simple things that make us happy.

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  1. I have a question about your Misto. I got one at Christmas and now it’s not spraying very well. I wash it and it will spray water just fine, but won’t spray olive oil very well anymore. Any ideas?

    • In general I find the Misto sprayers to only last a year or two and they start not spraying as well. So, I have had several over the years. I have also found they clog more easily with olive oil. I don’t know why, but they seem to so I have switched to just using regular oil in mine and figure it is still better than buying the stuff in the can from the store. I do also occasionally clean mine by letting it sit in a bowl or cup of soapy water. Sometimes that helps the sprayer work better. Not sure I answered your question very well, but I hope it helps.

  2. What a great idea! I often spray measuring cups when I am measuring out peanut butter but have never thought to do the same for grating cheese.

    • You can also just run water over your measuring cup before you put the peanut butter in and it will slide right out. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s what I do, so I don’t have to use oil.

  3. what a great idea!!

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