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Goji Berries {What Is It Wednesday}

WIIW 7-24-13 Goji berries

I was surprised at how many of you knew last week’s What Is It Wednesday. You all are smart. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now for those of you that knew what it was can you help me out, because really we did not like the goji berries. I picked them up at the health food store because I know they are supposed to be good for you and I thought they would be fun to try, but we did not like them. Not at all.

My husband said they tasted like a cross between dried cranberries and grass. I can’t really describe the taste, but I did not like them either.

We just ate them plain though and I am wondering how most people eat them. Do you eat them plain or in things? And do you like them?

I would love your thoughts on Gojo Berries.

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  1. We put them in smoothies.

  2. Put them in salads, as a matter of fact, they’re in the nut mix that Uno’s restaurant uses in their salads

  3. Treva Buchanan says:

    How many carbs is in a serving? I’m always looking into trying new things but I have to watch my carb intake.

  4. HaydenRossi says:

    I just got a Nutribullet, and Goji berries are one of the superfooods that are are recommended to add to the smoothies. I still need to get to the health food store to compare prices with online pricing, but I hope to get some soon. Guess I’m hoping that the taste won’t be too noticeable in the smoothie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I like to throw a few into a cup of tea. They get nice and plump by the end of the cup and that’s when I eat them. That’s more of a cold winter thing though.

  6. Brookside makes chocolate covered goji. Maybe you could try that–they are delicious!

  7. Using the chocolate idea, do what I do! Eat them along with your favorite chocolate! Doesn’t have to be chocolate-covered that way…and you use what you already bought. I don’t like the taste of them plain either…..!!!

  8. I eat goji berries, one thing that I do is buy them in asian markets. They sell them in big bags for just a few dollars. I discovered this in San Francisco,China Town . Much better than the health food prices.
    I enjoy your blog, I also am from Oregon, now living in Arizona. Some of your posts bring a little bit of home to me that I so can relate to, like, Salmon, berry picking, mushroom picking etc. Helps the homesickness, so thank you!

  9. I have never tried dried Goji berries so I don’t know how they taste, but I grow them in my garden, and they taste pretty good. However, they don’t produce as many fruits as other berries.

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