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Creamy Double Mashed Potato Bake

Creamy Double Potato Bake from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

If you are looking for something a little different to serve for potatoes this Thanksgiving I have just the recipe for you. And by different I mean different in a good way. This takes regular potatoes and sweet potatoes, both Thanksgiving classics, and combines them into one delicious dish.

Two different types of potatoes with butter, cream, and cream cheese added. Really delicious! I mean how can it be bad with all that added to it?!

I made these a few weeks ago and my daughter said, “Mom you have to make these again because they are so good.” And that is from the daughter that does not like sweet potatoes at all. Yes, they were that good.

As you can see from the pictures I leave a few lumps in my mashed potatoes. My dad has often said that a few lumps in mashed potatoes just mean that they are real potatoes and not instant ones. And I think I have to agree with him.

A few lumps here and there make them more homemade and home style. If you like your mashed potatoes really smooth, just mash them or beat them a little longer than I did.

I would love to hear what you think. Do you like really smooth mashed potatoes or are a few lumps okay?

Creamy Double Potato Bake-

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  1. Could you also toss them into the crockpot instead of the oven? I’m trying to maximize my kitchen appliances on Thanksgivingj day!

    • Yes, I think you could easily do the baking part in the crock pot. I would just watch the time so that they don’t dry out. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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