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Pop Up Taco Pie

Pop Up Taco Pie from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Pop Up Taco Pie is a quick and easy dinner your family will love.

I have been making versions of pop up pies for years. My pizza version and gluten free pizza pop up pie have been favorites for years.

Pop up pies are one of those meals that I love because they use basic ingredients that I almost always have on hand. Not only that my family loves them. They are also easy enough that both my girls can make them for dinner if I need them to.

I will say though that pop up pies are not pretty. Delicious yes, pretty not so much. I have realized that some of my family’s favorites are not pretty, but that does not mean they are not worth sharing. This one is definitely worth sharing.

Yes, presentation is important, but taste is far more important. So, I gave up trying to get a really good picture of this and am sharing it anyway.

I am also sharing the gluten free version of pop up taco pie over in my allergy section today. And yes the pictures are the same on it. I only found one set of pictures for this and since both the gluten free version and the regular version look the same, I just shared the pictures I had instead of making it again and retaking pictures.

Pop Up Taco Pie

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  1. Brandi Ghanbarpour says:

    This looks great! Not sure if there is a strong egg taste in the crust but if there is would it be possible to reduce the eggs to one? Thanks!

    • The crust on this is like a popover so it is pretty light and fluffy and the eggs are what help it do that. I think if you reduced the eggs it would change the texture quite a bit and make it more dough like and not quite the same.

  2. HeyBeckyJ says:

    Yes, the meals my kids love are often not the photo-worthy ones, but they are still very tasty! Do you think this could be prepared/assembled ahead of time and baked later? I have time to prep dinner in the morning or at lunch time, so I’m always on the look-out for things that my husband can just “popover” into the oven before I get home.

    • I think you could make the two parts and put them together right before baking. So make the meat part spread in pan with the cheese. Then make the batter part in a container. I would stir the batter just and pour on the meat just before baking. It would be mainly made ahead that way and would still be pretty easy to get in the oven.

  3. What size can of refried beans?

  4. What size can of refried beans?

  5. Can you use other cheese besides mozerella? maybe the four cheese mexican kind? or is it best with mozerella?

    • I think you could easily change up the cheese on this. It would have a little different flavor, but will work. I have used pizza cheese which is a blend of several cheeses and it works fine. I hope you enjoy it!

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