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Menu Plan {December 22nd- 28th}


We woke up to an icy cold morning today in Oklahoma. I guess it was a welcome to winter type of day. Thankfully we had no where to go, so it was a perfect day for staying home in a nice warm house.

I am taking the week off from both my regular menu plan and my gluten free menu plan, but I have plenty of menu plans and gluten free plans in the archives if you need some ideas.

Between my birthday this week, Christmas, family gatherings, and everything else we have planned, it seemed like a good week to skip the menu planning. I know there will be plenty of food, so we will not starve, and I can come up with quick and easy things on the days we don’t have holiday plans.

I also plan to take some time off this week to spend with family. I have a few posts scheduled ahead both here on my site and on Facebook, but over all I am hoping to spend most of the week offline and uplugged. Things will get back to normal here after the holidays.



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  1. Enjoy your week and your birthday! A Christmas baby?!

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