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Maple Sweet Potatoes and Sausage

maple sweet potatoes and sausage

Potatoes and sausage is one of the most popular quick and easy dinner recipes on my site. It has two ingredients. You can’t get much more simple than that. You all love it and so does my family. It is a regular on our menu so often because of how easy it is.

In our house we like to serve it with fried eggs for a breakfast for dinner type of meal. Several readers have shared their versions of this basic idea and I knew I had to give some of them a try.

A few of you have mentioned that you love to use sweet potatoes in place of all, or part of, the regular potatoes. I love that idea because it changes it up, but still keeps it a very simple meal. One reader also mentioned that she added a little maple syrup to her potatoes and sausage and I loved that idea as well.

I recently decided to change up the basic potatoes and sausage by adding both sweet potatoes and maple syrup to it and it was delicious. Mixing regular potatoes and sweet potatoes worked great. It gave it a little extra flavor that we loved.

And the maple syrup, well that was delicious too. It added a sweetness and a caramelization that my family really enjoyed.

Potatoes and sausage is often on our menu plan, so I am glad to have a new way to change it up a little. Maple sweet potatoes and sausage will be on the menu plan often as well.

I would love to hear how you have taken this basic dish of sausage and potatoes and changed it up for your family.

maple sweet potatoes and sausage_

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  1. This may seem like a foolish question but do you cook the sausage first then put it with the potatoes and cook in the oven or do you slice the sausage uncooked and then place with potatoes and bake? This looks like a great dish! I’m looking forward to making it.

    • Not a foolish question at all. It is uncooked sausage. I should have made that clear in the recipe and I just updated it to say uncooked sausage. As the sausage cooks the juice and any fat cooks with the potatoes and adds so much flavor. It is part of what makes it so good. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. This looks so easy. I’m trying it tonight for my husband. We’re having a cold, snowy Saturday here and this sounds like the perfect meal.

  3. I tried this last night and it is so yummy! I used a spicy sausage, and the potatoes and sweet potatoes (and carrots I added) were spicy sweet and moist with some caramelized parts.It’s so easy to make and perfect with a garden salad.

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