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Quick and Easy Gluten Free Meal with Tyson® Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

Tyson Gluten Free Chicken

This post is sponsored by Tyson Foods , but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I know the title of this post says gluten free, but even if you are not gluten free, please keep reading. You may not be gluten free, but you may know someone that is gluten free, and this product is one that I think will help make your life easier.

A few weeks ago I was contacted about trying Tyson® Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Breast Strips.  I was instantly interested for several reasons.

Since we started eating gluten free my kids miss chicken nuggets. What can I say besides they are kids and what kid does not love chicken nuggets.

Tyson Gluten Free Chicken _

I also wanted to try these for me. I love fast food chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets. Yes, I will totally admit that I have eaten a few too many of them in my lifetime. I would rarely get a burger when eating fast food. I would almost always choose the chicken.

However, I have not had chicken nuggets or a fast food chicken sandwich in over four years because they are not gluten free. Yes, it has been four years since I enjoyed one of my favorite treats. The thought of a gluten free crispy chicken that I could use for a chicken sandwich meant that it was one I knew I had to try.

I also wanted to try the Tyson® Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Breast Strips  for you. If you are gluten free, or know some one that eats gluten free, you know how challenging it can be to eat gluten free.

I share a lot of quick and easy recipes here on my site. I love quick and easy homemade food, but I totally understand the need for an occasional super quick and easy, get it from the freezer section meal. These work great for those times.

Tyson Gluten Free Chicken_

They would also work great to keep on hand in the freezer for those of you that have a a gluten free grandchild or relative. I know how hard it can be to come up with meals for them. These would work perfect and could easily be pulled out of the freezer for a quick meal.

These would also work great for those of you with a child who has a gluten free friend. These could easily be pulled out of the freezer for an easy dinner time treat when they are at your house. Most gluten free kids would love it if you pulled these out of the freezer to serve for lunch or dinner.

Tyson Gluten Free Chicken-

Some of you may be gluten free and miss crispy chicken sandwiches as much as I do. The Tyson® Gluten Free Chicken Breast Strips worked perfectly for a chicken sandwich. I cooked them according to the directions on the package and served them on a gluten free bun. I put cheese and mustard on my sandwich and it was delicious. If I had lettuce I would have added it and next time I will. Yes there will be a next time. This sandwich totally cured my longing for a crispy chicken sandwich.

My kids also loved the Tyson® Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets . Even my son, who is not gluten free, loved these. He said they tasted just like chicken nuggets. My husband said the same thing. He said he could not tell they were gluten free.

What I also love about these gluten free chicken nuggets and chicken breast strips is that they are from Tyson Foods , which means you can find them at many grocery stores. No specialty stores needed. I found them at Walmart in the freezer section.

They are a newer product, so not all stores are carrying them, but keep an eye out for them because they are worth trying. I know I will be keeping them on hand for those times I need a quick lunch or dinner. Or for when I am craving that fast food crispy chicken sandwich taste.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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