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Menu Plan {April 6th-12th}

Weekly Meal Plan

Here is this week’s menu plan.


banana waffles

Banana Waffles– There is a link to the gluten free version too in that post.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars

Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars and Yogurt

Maple Cinnamon Homemade Granola

Maple Cinnamon Granola


cowboy spaghetti

Cowboy Spaghetti

eggs and soy sauce over rice

Eggs and Soy Sauce over Rice

tuna tomato pasta

Tomato Tuna Pasta

Pop Up Pizza Pie

Pop Up Pizza Pie

Slow Cooked Barbecue Ranch Chicken Legs

Slow Cooked BBQ Ranch Chicken

Hamburger Pizza-

Hamburger Pizza

Dessert of the Week

cake mix cookies

Cake Mix Cookies

For more menu planning ideas see Menu Planning Mondays.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share all these great recipes!

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