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Oriental Pork Wraps

Oriental Pork Wraps

Today’s recipe for my Cooking Through My Collection series is for oriental pork wraps. This recipe is perfect for the warmer months that are ahead. It is a quick and easy stove top meal that is also pretty light and healthy.

These pork wraps come from the cookbook Pillsbury Fast and Healthy. I have had this cookbook for years. I used to use it all the time, but have not cooked out of it for a few years. I recently pulled it off the shelf to look through and decided that I need to start cooking from it again. It is a great cookbook full of healthier type meals.

Oriental Pork Wraps-

My family loved these pork wraps, but I will say that I did a terrible job following the recipe on these. I think maybe inspired by the original recipe might be more accurate. I did change the recipe, but not enough to really make it my own recipe.

The original recipe called for butterflied pork loin chops. I am sure those would work and be delicious, but I have quite a bit of ground pork in the freezer and decided to use that instead. It worked great. If you don’t have ground pork, I think ground turkey or chicken would work fine as well.

I also increased the sauce on the recipe. It just seemed like the recipe was not enough sauce for the amount of meat and vegetables in it, so I increased it. And again it turned out great.

I love simple and delicious meals like this. I think this one will be on the menu plan a lot this summer.

Oriental Pork Wraps



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  1. These sound delicious! I love fast meals like this on busy weeknights!

  2. Thank you! I’ve so often wondered if I could use (leftover) coleslaw mix for a cooked meal, thinking surely something oriental would make sense. Looking forward to trying this ………..

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