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Banana Pie Smoothie

Banana Pie Smoothie-

Ice cream is a dangerous thing in my house. It is dangerous only because I can’t leave it alone. An open carton does not last long at my house because I could eat it everyday. And multiple times a day.

However, the older I have gotten the more I know my limits when it comes to ice cream. I can’t eat it everyday and if I did I would have to do a whole lot more exercise to wear it off. Ice cream for me now is an occasional treat. Actually it is a pretty rare treat.

One of my favorite ways to eat ice cream has always been milkshakes, but they have also become an occasional treat for the same reasons as ice cream.

When I saw a recipe though for banana pie smoothies from Cooking Light, I knew it was a milkshake type treat I could enjoy often because it was much lighter than a typical milkshake. It was more like a smoothie.

Banana Pie Smoothie_

I also knew it would be a summertime treat that my kids would love.

I adapted the recipe slightly, but used the same overall idea and it turned out great. We loved this. It was like a piece of banana pie in a glass. So good! And I can eat it without the guilt of ice cream and that is always a good thing.

And now I will be looking around the Cooking Light website for more dessert like smoothies because this was really good.

Banana Pie Smoothie


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  1. Mmm…pie! I love the graham crackers in this. What a great way to make it taste exactly like a drinkable slice of pie. I always freeze extra, ripe bananas for smoothies. I’ll give this a try soon.

  2. Yum! I will probably never buy or make gluten-free graham crackers, so instead I’d toast some almond flour and add some brown sugar with that to create my version. 😉



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