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Berry Cream Pancakes


Strawberries and cream cheese stuffed inside a pancake is pure deliciousness.

When I saw this recipe for berry cream pancakes in a Taste of Home cookbook I have, I knew it was a must try for my Cooking Through My Collection Series. I mean really, what could be wrong with cream cheese and berries stuffed inside pancakes?! It is the perfect summer breakfast or brunch.

The original recipe called for strawberries so that is what I used, but you could easily use raspberries, blueberries, or just about any other kind of berry with these.

Berry Cream Pancakes_

This recipe comes from the cookbook Sandwich, Wraps, and More. And yes I thought it was a bit odd for a pancake to be in a sandwich, wraps, and more cookbook, but I guess they consider this in the more category. This recipe may not give you a good idea of what this cookbook really is about, but the majority of the recipes are for sandwiches and wraps.

We tend to make the same sandwiches and wraps over and over again. To the point my family gets tired of the same ones, so I love this book for new ideas and inspirations for sandwiches and wraps. I love reading recipes that inspire new ideas even if I don’t follow them exactly.

Now for the recipe for berry cream pancakes.

This recipe is definitely a case where the end result was delicious, but did not look anything like the picture on the cookbook. I tried hard to roll the pancakes like the picture in the book and it just did not work. The pancakes were too light and fluffy to roll. Even when I made really large pancakes they would not stay rolled and were not thin like the picture.

Berry Cream Pancakes-

See those rolled pancakes in the cookbook picture? Yeah mine did not look anything like that.

We ended up just folding them over and it worked fine. By the end of breakfast my kids were just spreading the filling on the pancakes and then putting the strawberries on top of that. They just ate them like a regular pancake and did not bother with the rolling or anything. And they still tasted great.

For the recipe below I am just posting the filling part. You can use whatever pancake you like. I actually think my mom’s sourdough pancakes might work well for these since they are a flatter and thinner pancake. They might actually roll up fine and I think I will try those next time.

Berry Cream Pancakes


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  1. Karin Goodman says:

    The picture from the cookbook shows pancakes similar to the Betty Crocker Red and White cook book I have. We make Swedish pancakes regularly. They can be made Gluten-Free easily and they roll up nicely. My favorite way to eat them is with Strawberries and whip cream.

    • I agree. The picture makes them look more like a crepe or blintz type pancake, but the recipe was for a pretty basic pancake and it was a thick batter. I think the filling would be good in just about any type of pancake.

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