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Gluten Free Back To School Breakfast and Lunch Ideas

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It is the end of August which means it is back to school time. Many kids have started school already and the ones that haven’t will start soon. So, back to school is on many of our minds.

Gluten free can be challenging when it comes to busy mornings and fixing lunches during the school year, especially for those new to the gluten free lifestyle.

Meals that work for busy days and lunchboxes take a little more time to put together when they have to be gluten free, but with some planning it can be done without spending a lot of time or breaking the budget.

Today I thought I would share some of our favorite gluten free breakfast and lunch ideas. And although this post is focused on gluten free, these ideas work for anyone. They are all gluten free food that everyone can enjoy, which once again proves that gluten free food can be quick, easy, and delicious!

Breakfast Cookies

We love breakfast cookies. I have a peach breakfast cookie, a peanut butter breakfast cookie, and a banana breakfast cookie that my kids all love. All are easy to make gluten free simply by using gluten free oats. These freeze great and work for breakfast, lunch boxes, or snacks.


We love granola at our house. Udi’s makes a great gluten free one. We love to make our own because of my daughter’s nut allergy. Either way granola is a great breakfast or lunch. My kids eat it with yogurt, milk, or even just plain.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are another item that works for breakfast, lunch, or after school snacks. Udi’s has a great gluten free ones. Homemade is also a good option.

Homemade Style Lunchables

We also love to make homemade style lunchables. Not only is it cheaper to make your own, but they are also easy to make gluten free. You can make these with gluten free crackers, cheese, fruit, muffins, etc. I love these because they are easy to make ahead. I can put several together over the weekend to just grab then when we need them.


My kids love muffins and I almost always have some in the freezer. You can make a big batch ahead and freeze for quick meals or keep some Udi’s muffins on hand. My kids love Udi’s chocolate muffins.

Homemade Trail Mix

Putting together a homemade trail mix is so easy. Simply combine died fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, etc. in a large bag or container and take out what you need each day for lunches or snacks.

Boiled Eggs

I often boil a dozen eggs to keep on hand throughout the week. My kids grab then for a quick breakfast or they are great for on the go lunches or lunch boxes.

Breakfast Bowls

Breakfast bowls are easy to make at home and my kids love them. And they are easy to make gluten free simply by using gluten free sausage. These freeze well so make a large batch and keep them in the freezer for busy mornings.

Freezer Smoothies

Did you know you can freeze smoothies? I love to make smoothies and freeze them in small containers. I then remove the container from the freezer in the morning and place it in a lunch box. They will be defrosted and ready to eat at lunch time.

Corn Dog Muffins

My kids love corn dog muffins for lunch. They will eat them warm or cold. These also freeze well, so they are great for making ahead.

Gluten Free Cookies and Cupcakes

Some of my favorite things to keep in the freezer are gluten free cookies and cupcakes. They freeze great and are easy to take out for a lunchbox treat. They also work great for those times when a gluten free child is invited to a party or event. Having a dessert in the freezer that you can grab and send with your child saves so much time and allows the gluten free child to have a treat just like everyone else.

Wraps and Sandwiches

Wraps and sandwiches can easily be made with Udi’s gluten free tortillas and bread.

Now I would love to hear your favorite gluten free breakfast and lunch ideas for back to school.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of GF Kids & Family. The opinions and text are all mine.

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